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Type: Luxurious
Theme: White, elegant
Summary: Great cocktails, healthy breakfast, extremely photogenic

Take a look inside the most chic looking Hotel in Kuching, Cove 55. It is a bright, clean, modern looking destination retreat with subtle Sarawakian ethnic luxury in it’s decor and experiences. With only a few rooms and plenty of natural space, it truly is an intimate hideaway to visit in Kuching, Sarawak. It is also well known for photography and wedding events. Do let us know if you’ve been there and share with us your experience!

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Cove 55 | Kechala
Lot 55, Jalan Sultan Tengah (Santubong / Damai Road)
Santubong, Sarawak 93010, Malaysia
T: (60) 82 846068 F: (60) 82 846069